SKS Target/Match Safety Trigger


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Links for products and services I recommend:

www.murraysguns.com   Here you will find the answer to the slam fire issues and a much improved type of firing pin for the sks that works well. It also allows the use of soft primered “commercial” type ammo safely.

www.tech-sights.com  This is in my opinion the best iron sight set-up for the SKS !!

www.sksboards.com   I hang out here a lot…

www.milsurpshooter.net  Great sight for a variety of milsurps

www.surplusrifle.com  Home of the great internet marketing guru :^)

www.allans-armory.com  Good honest, straight up dealer with a treasure now and then..

www.aimsurplus.com  I’ve spent way too much money here over the years…

www.shotgunreport.com  Plethora of knowledge regarding “fowling” pieces



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