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Hello and welcome!

I’m Tom Prince and am known as “Kivaari” on the net. This name came from my collection of Finnish Mosins with which I was obsessed at one time… I’m a reloader, hunter, shooter, collector, and general firearms aficionado. I like talking about them, shooting them, and making them better when I can.

Over the years I’ve become frustrated with many “gunsmiths” as to the quality of work or the lack of available services. I’ve had to do a lot things myself to get the results I wanted. In particular, the little SKS carbine is a pretty neat little rifle but has been plagued with one of the worst “out of the box” triggers around. So I worked and worked using a pile of parts for some time and developed a technique to radically improve the SKS trigger and make it some safer at the same time…If SKSs were handmade and assembled with great care, all their triggers would no doubt function this way but alas that is not the case.

As a gunsmithing technique is perfected, I will add these services. When I find products that are truly beneficial to my picky standards they will be added as well. If there is a another site I deem worthy, I’ll add these links with their permission. I’m probably an addicted web surfer and I find ALL kinds of neat stuff and information that I’ll pass along. So this site is a work in process…..

So…have a look and thanks for your kind business,

Tom ... aka Kivaari


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