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June 06

Thanks I got it today. Installed and tested. Fantastic. I will make
sure that all my friends with SKS's look you up for any trigger work.
Do you do any other gunsmithing? Other guns?

Jon Hxxx, Ohio


I will be sending a couple more triggers to you soon. I would just like to confirm you are still accepting new repair requests. The other triggers you did for me are awsome!
Robert Bxxx



Thanks for the great job on my Norinco trigger group. I took the rifle out yesterday morning and fired off 80 rounds. Very nice! I was able to focus on the target (an 8" tall ground hog on paper) which I drilled many times - rather than losing focus by distraction like before when the trigger resisted.

J. Paty


Found the trigger waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home from work today. Incredible differance! Absolutely outstanding! First thing Monday morning I'll make a range trip to run some rounds through and see how she does. Thank you very much!

Cole S."

It`s been a while since I had my trigger done on my sks by kivarri, (long term project) But I have had it to the range 4 or 5 times since completing & I love the work , nice short pull , breaks clean in the same spot every time. The only down side is not being able to use the murray F/P conversion , because of the lighter hammer spring. definately not a big deal . GREAT TRIGGER ! Thanks Kivarri & sorry for the late feedback.


Got my trigger assembly back two days ago and just got back from the range. You are a miracle worker!! Trigger is now crisp, not a lot of overtravel, and not creepy at all. Shot the best groups of the rifle’s life with me, and was ringing the gongs at 2, 3 and 350 yards.

Thanks for your work, the cost was definitely worth it.


Don Fxxxx"

AWSOME job.... not only does

it not suck, it is actually now one of the nicest triggers

on any of my rifles. Once I get to my next SKS project

expect another trigger coming your way.


I took it out yesterday and with all the other upgrades I have put on it, (Dragunov stock, compensator, recoil buffer, scope) it's a great shooter. Lot's of fun. I was able to make 1.5" groups at 100 yards. Well, thank you for the work on the trigger, it was a clean pull every time.


"Tom – thank you for the work on my SKS trigger – it is really super. It makes the rifle so much more fun to shoot. I will recommend your work to all my SKS friends."

Ron Lxxxxxx
Glendale, Arizona

"Hi Tom;
Just to let you know I'm very pleased with the work you did; less creep, less trigger pull, and clean sear release. I shot 10rds at 100yds with open iron sights and got a group of 7 in a 3 1/4" group; very impressive. I'm trying to get the target scanned and I'll fwd it when it gets done.
Thanks again for the excellent work & turn-around.
Ken Nxxxxx
Ontario, Canada"


Last year, I sent my trigger to you to have some

work done on it. It has made all the difference

in the world.

I'm planning to send another SKS trigger to you


I have great admiration for the work that you


Mike H."


Got the trigger group back yesterday, and I stuck in back in the Yugo tonight. What a difference, it feels like the trigger in my M70 Winchester instead of like dragging a pallet of concrete block!!! Can't wait to try it out. ..

Thanks for the fast service,

Dave                                                                                 Back to the top of the page
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