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I reinstalled the trigger groups that you sent back into my two Chicom SKS's. I am, to say the least, very pleased with the results! The triggers are now much lighter (my trigger gauge shows each breaking right at 5 lbs.) and very smooooth! What an improvement! Now shooting these two little carbines will be fun, not frustrating! Thanks for the great trigger work and the fast and friendly service!! Worth every penny!


I received the trigger back on Friday and had a chance to try it out all weekend. The improvement is significant. The trigger pull went from stiff and gritty to a much smoother and lighter two stage pull. I would have to say that my SKS now has the best trigger of any of my firearms. Thank you for the excellent work and fast turnaround.

Jorge, Fairfax VA


I took the rifle out this weekend and put about 60 rounds through it – with the trigger mod it was an absolute joy to shoot. Got nice groups @ 100 yds, approx. 1.5”. Trigger breaks clean and crisp; I would guess about 4-5 lbs. A real improvement; well worth the price.

Thanks –


Received my trigger group back this past Thursday. Thank you for the fast service. The difference is like night and day. The rifle should now be a pleasure to shoot. Charles

My SKS is like a whole new gun. Now the trigger is light and crisp instead of creepy and vauge. This work is worth every cent! Thanks Kivaari! HO

It has come to the point where I have to post my positive feedback for my Kivaari trigger. I have had my Kivaari trigger for over a month now, but have not been to make it to the range! I will provide a range report when I make it out there, but for now I know that after destroying two snapcaps in dry firing, the trigger is an amazing improvement. And Mr. Prince truly know his customer service! Excellent customer service; communication, craftsmanship, follow through and genuine concern!

I recommend the Kivaari trigger job as the first modification anyone makes to his or her SKS. I have yet to prove it, but for the price, I think it will the best accuracy improvement for your money.


Edited August 29, 2004

I finally made it to the range. I can attribute an amazing improvement in my accuracy to the Kivaari trigger. With the original trigger, I would say I had more of a pattern than a group.

My Kivaari trigger has a small amount of travel, and then breaks crisply! I could not estimate the poundage, as it is so subjective, but easily 1/3 of the original weight, and 1/5 of the travel and none of the Yugo's gritty creep.

I was really worried that my Yugo SKS was inaccurate and I would never be able to shoot well with it. Now, I know I just did not do well with the original trigger. I could not get into that Zen state when working on accuracy, but now it is great. Just focus on your site picture, deep breath, let some out, squeeeeeze, and BANG! Absolutely wonderful.

I have one Yugo that I had planed on keeping in original military configuration, but now, I know I am going to send in the other trigger group to Kivaari, as the difference is night and day.

. . . and the moon be still as bright.

"The SKS triggers arrived Thursday if I remember correctly. I installed the triggers right away and I could tell that they were much improved, creep removed, a reasonable trigger pull.

I haven't been able to shoot either of the SKS's yet due to the long hours at work, but I have a time slot next Tuesday to try them at the range."

Ken in Virginia

"Thanks for the follow up. The trigger seems fine. There is less creep and it breaks consistantly. I added an Aimpoint red dot sight, glass bedded the stock and now have purchased some reloading componants to fool around with. I will post a message on the SKS board once I finish with my tinkering to outline the configuration and results of the upgrades."

The Hawk

"kivaari your trigger group is excellent today is saturday morning i am taking my grandkids to fiesta texas. We havent tried them out at the range yet we are waiting for a recoil buffer to come in from recoil technologies but that is my brother who wants to wait i am going to try my mine this sunday and try it out and see the group shot it will make. I am very sure it will improve greatly you are doing a fine job of lowering down the pull. I am the secretary of the laredo rifle pistol club wait till the guys see this rifles in action. I am sure you will get more business from laredo soon. We have a gunsmith in laredo a young man i am 55 he is about 32 who has four generations of gunsmithing behind him. He put a choate mount with his own invention of a shell deflector that is second to none nothing like what is out on the market also he is making scope mounts for military type bolt rifles of any kind that arent on the market today. Well anyway my brother and i as well as several guys here in laredo have yugo sks's along with a choate mount, the shell deflector by chema our gunsmith, and your match trigger group this yugo turns out to be an awsome rifle. I will e mail you back Sunday and also send you a xerox copy of the group shot the yugo sks makes. thanks,

Franciso and Roberto

"Hey Tom , Your work on my trigger was great and I have another one I intend to send you as soon as funds will allow. I have a couple friends who own SKS's and you will probably be seeing some buisness from them soon. Thanks again Chris

i love my new sks trigger. i really like the two stage action. breaks crisp and clean, and in the same place everytime. thanks,


The trigger is great. You did an excellent job. Do you happen to know anyone who does Glass Bedding for SKS Rifles?

Have a great day Tom, and Thank-you again.


This man is the real deal. Phenomenal trigger group. Folks let me tell you, smooth, smooth, smooth. About 4# pull, no roughness what-so-ever, and a crisp trigger break. If I had another SKS I'd send that group to him as well. Thanks again.

"Tom, Just wanted to let you know that I recieved the trigger assembly back
from you on Monday the 9th. I installed it and waited for this past weekend
to try it out. On Sunday the 15th, my son & I checked it out. While it is
not a Benchrest trigger, I did not expect it be one either. It was a GREAT
improvement though. Even my son noticed the improvement right away. I would have to say that our average group size was reduced by at least a third. I feel it will get better with practice. On a previous e-mail you mentioned a
testamonial page, but I could not find it. Let me know where it is , and I
will be glad to past on some nice comments on your fine work. Thanks again.

Dennis "

Hey Tom,

Just a note of thanks for a job well done.  Received my trigger group on Friday (only one week after I mailed it from Jersey).  I didn't think the mail could be that fast!  Your turnaround time is fantastic.  I am extremely pleased with the job you did.  Many thanks, Ted

Tom, Just a quick note to say thanks for the work on my trigger for a recently acquired Yugo SKS from AIM. Have been lurking on the Survivor's SKS boards for quite some time, gleaning enough info to make an informed purchase of the rifle, and now, through your skills, the upgrading of its trigger. Haven't gotten to the range yet due to surgery this past week but three or four dry-fires let me experience the significantly smoother and easier trigger pull. I was also very impressed with the turnaround, receiving my trigger about a week after sending it to you. Thanks for everything and also the heads-up on the USPS delivery-tracking, Nolan San Marcos, Texas "

Tom worked on my Norinco Para trigger. Pull is now considerably lighter, and much smoother. Turn-around was pretty short, about 7-10 days from when I mailed it. Trigger now has little creep, with a good, crisp break; prior to work, the trigger had considerable creep with a rough release.

I would say Tom's trigger work is as important for safety as the firing-pin mod. I firmly believe a terrible trigger can contribute to accidents.


Thanks for your prompt service and excellent work.


Tom,I got the trigger today,I just got back from the range. I Love it!!   It breaks clean in the same place every time,nice and crisp,no creep. Fantastic.  Thanks  Dale

Dale...New Mexico


Can't thank you enough for the GREAT job you did on my SKS trigger. Totally like night and day. It arrived amazing fast so I took a day off last week to try it out. WOW! It shot great. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Glad I found you. Your work is superior and you should be very proud of it.

thanks again,

Lou                                                                                     Back to the top of the page

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