I got my trigger back today. Outstanding work!!!! I can't believe how much

better the trigger pull feels. I have a few friends with SKS's I'm

recomending your work to them.

Thank You,

Cory J. Hxxxxx
Fallon, Nevada"

I received my Yugo trigger back from you and all I can say is...WOW...what a complete difference!! I really appreciate your time and knowledge!!

Thanks a million!

Adam Axxxxx
Denver, CO"


I had a chance today to shoot the Russian SKS with your reworked trigger group installed...An amazing difference...I have not put it on paper yet, but I'm sure that accuracy will be much improved with the Kivaari trigger...



Dear Mr. Kivaari,

I have reassembled the rifle although have not yet fired it. The function of the trigger assembly is vastly improved: The take up is smooth and the sear release is predictable. The trigger pull is much lighter. Before I had to pull-pull-pull before it went bang.

Thanks a lot. You do fine work.


Robert L."


Got the trigger group back yesterday, and I stuck in back in the Yugo tonight. What a difference, it feels like the trigger in my M70 Winchester instead of like dragging a pallet of concrete block!!! Can't wait to try it out. ..............

Thanks for the fast service,

Queen Creek, AZ"


Mr. Prince,

Just a short note to say thanks for the outstanding job you did on my SKS trigger.

Took it to the range today and it functioned perfectly. No creep whatsoever and the pull and break are very smooth and consistent. Shrunk my groups at 100 yards down to an inch and a half. Don't get no better than that with 60 year old eyeballs.

Gave your website info to both managers of the range and gun shop I use so they can spread the word about your good work.

Once again, thanks for a job well done.


" Got it; my buddy Jim installed it; and the trigger pull is NICE. Thanks, Tom. The gun is now perfect. I will get the word out. "

Huntsville, Alabama

Just wanted to tell any of yall reading this, that if you have an SKS that has a typical SKS trigger, (gritty, long heavy pull), then you need to pm kivarri for one of his SKS trigger jobs.
He will change out some springs with Wolf, and shorten and lighten the pull so that it is actually a joy to shoot your SKS.

He did trigger job on my new unissued Yugo SKS a few months ago, and I love it. I always knew my Yugo was capable of good accuracy, but the tough trigger kept me from getting the true potential out of it. Not any more though.

He has quick turnaround time and is a very pleasant guy to deal with, too.

I'm not saying this just because he is a fellow Texan, though that does help a bit IMHO.

Texas Patriot


Tom has reworked the triggers on both of my SKS rifles. he did my Yugo 1st and then my 51 Tula. I like the Russian trigger the best. It breaks clean just like a comercial bolt action rifle instead or a 53yr. old military surplus rifle. Both triggers are also as safe as they can be in these types of rifles. I highly recommend that anyone with a SKS rifle have your trigger reworked by Tom if only for the saftey reasons. You won't be disappointed !!!



Hi Tom

It came today ,I have just put it back in the rifle and what a difference .I can't believe how nice it is you do fantastic work worth every penny Thank you. I am going to make up a poster and put it up in the club(Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club ) http://www.globalserve.net/~lami/ with all your info on it and what a great job you did .I hpoe it will get you some more work.I have encluded some winter pics I shot around the in case you don't get snow.

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